Gallery: Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory

small girl in pink dungarees, white top and panama hat stands in front of pink lagoon

Hutt Lagoon in springtime is hands-down one of the most incredible scenes on earth. With a mass of tiny yellow and pink flowers framing the pink waters of the lagoon, it looks more like movie set than real life. We stopped for only an hour on our drive from Kalbarri to see the wildflowers of Mullewa, but Hutt Lagoon is such a wonderful little spot that it deserves a short dedicated blog post.

We were delighted to find sunny skies when we arrived, with just a few puffy clouds floating overhead. On our previous visits we have always found the pink to be most vibrant on sunny days. The blue skies provide a striking contrast to the rosy waters.

There are no facilities or attractions other than the lagoon but they are not needed. We spent a fun and relaxing hour or so just playing on the shore. Maddie was pleased to be running free rather than strapped into her car seat. She has made a game lately of throwing anything she can find into water. After gathering a sizable collection of little pebbles and fauna, she set herself up on the waters edge, throwing her debris to create little ripples. There is nothing like nature to provide endless fun and curiosity to a toddler. I love how absorbed she becomes in her natural surroundings. Us adults were transfixed with the changing colours of the lagoon as clouds moved above us. This place is a photographers dream.

Below is a collection of photos from our brief stop over. If you ever get a chance to visit this enchanting place, please do. It really is quite captivating.

Why is Hutt Lagoon Pink?

The colour comes from beta-carotene produced by a type of green algae called Dunaliella salina. The vibrancy of the colour is determined by the abundance of these algae, the salinity and temperature of the water so varies throughout the year.

Where Is Hutt Lagoon?

Hutt Lagoon is just outside the small town of Port Gregory, about an hour south of Kalbarri and 6 hours north of Perth. It makes idea stop over to stretch your legs on your journey to or form Kalbarri, or as a day trip from nearby Geraldton Although there are not facilities at the lagoon itself, you can find newly refurbished restrooms at the nearby Port Gregory (even the bathroom stall doors are pink!).

Not to be confused with The Pink Lake in Esperance, it is one of a handful of colourful pink lagoons across Australia.

view through the grass to yellow flowers in foreground with pink lagoon in background

mother and daughter sit at the shore of the lake, both wearing matching panama hats

mother holding daughter, standing in long grass overlooking the pink waters of the lake under blue sky

Mother sits on the shore of pink lake water whilst daughter throws pebble into lake

mother and daughter sit at the shore of the lake, both wearing matching panama hats

toddler in pale pink dungarees, white top and straw hat standing sandy shore of pink lake

long grasses and bush in the foreground, road sweeping off to the right, bright pink lake, sky is partially cloudy

toddler in pale pink dungarees, white top and straw hat standing sandy shore of pink lake

Father and daughter sorting pebbles to throw in to lake

Toddler in pink dungarees and straw hat holding hands with dad standing in front of pink lake

Toddler holds on to her straw hat in front of pink lake

Jed standing on the lake shore with the camera

Three pink doors with lilac door frames in a cream brick toilet block
Even the bathroom doors are pink!

yellow flower in foreground, pink lagoon behind



    1. Beautiful photos! I would love to visit Hutt Lagoon! Haven’t been to Australia yet so adding this one to the long list of places I want to see!

    1. Ooh this looks fantastic! I love the pink colour, your photography are stunning! It’s like a pink paradise ahah. I had never heard about this place before, but I would love to see it in real!

    1. Woah, what a neat place!! I spent time this summer in the Canadian Rockies, where the lakes are extremely blue. But I’ve never seen one that’s pink! Nature is so cool. And your family pics are adorable!

      1. I’d love to visit those blue lakes in the Rockies 🙂

      1. Those bathroom doors were such a funny perk of our trip 🙂

    1. I’ve always wanted to see a pink lagoon and had no idea there was one in Australia. Thanks for the mini science lesson on why it’s pink. Nature is so amazing!

      1. Thanks Retha, I love all the science behind these curious natural wonders. There are a few in Australia, I want to search out some more 🙂

    1. Such a beautiful post , love all your photos. Somehow I missed this whilst travelling around Australia, but I guess it is another excuse to go back!

      1. Thank you, I cannot wait to travel more of Australia too – it seems there is always another natural wonder just around the corner

    1. These photos are stunning. I seriously need to get to a pink lake/lagoon/anything one day – they look absolutely incredible. Love that you’re taking your little one to these places, too!

      1. You really do need to get to one 🙂 They are not common but you can find a few around Aus and the world. My little girl loves these little escapades but I don’t think she understands much about it yet haha

    1. I really need to be planning a trip to Australia. What an interesting phenomenon – the pink lake! Thank you for the inspiration.

      1. I came to Aus in 2012 and never left haha! Its the most amazing place to explore.

    1. I’ve always wanted to see the Lagoons, I always doubted of they were real or not! Your little one is so adorable! Great post!

      1. Thank you 🙂 They are real but the colour varies. If you visit be sure to hang around for a little while as the shade of pink varies as clouds come and go 🙂

    1. Oooh! These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I love the little touch that even the bathrooms are pink, that’s hilarious. I agree no further ‘entertainment’ is needed when you have this stunning view!

      1. I was quite amused by the pink bathrooms 😀 Such a simple touch can make a lasting impression

      1. Thank you 🙂 These are actually some of my favourite photos of us together <3

      1. Yes, they actually mine salt and other minerals from this lake 🙂

    1. Your photos are stunning, and the lagoon looks like the perfect spot to stop to stretch your legs and give the little one some time to run around. Seeing the wildflowers in Austrailia is on my bucket list, and I will add a stop to the Hutt Lagoon.

      1. Thank you. The wildflowers really are quite remarkable. I’m sure you’ll love them when you get to visit 🙂

    1. Wow! I have never seen anything like this. Your photos are beautiful. It seems a bit out of the way, but worth the journey. Are you able to swim in the lagoon?

      1. Thank you Anisa, it is a bit off a drive for sure but really worth it. Its too shallow to swim I’m afraid but you can paddle 🙂

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