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The best family adventures are the ones where you explore the great outdoors, have fun with a nature treasure hunt or spy rare wildlife.

Here you will find everything from camping in the Australian outback to fossil hunting deep down in ancient gorges and dodging lava while hiking on an active volcano.

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West Cape Howe National Park

Wow, just Wow!! You are going to find yourself repeating this time after time when you explore West Cape Howe in Western Australia’s Amazing South Coast. The beaches are simply divine with perfect squeaky (literally squeaky) white sand and the clearest of blue waters. And between these beaches are black cliff faces so abrupt and vertical that they leave your...

Columnar Basalt at Black Point, D'Entrecastreau National Park

Black Point, D’Entrecastreaux National Park

Absolutely everything you need to know about Black Point and the Bunbury Basalts Standing on the the black rock pillars looking out to sea you could be excused for thinking you are on the Giants Causeway in Ireland, or even the volcanic wonderland of Iceland; but this striking headland is Black Point in southwest Western Australia.  Black point is one of only a...

Hikers watching for whales out to sea

7 of the best spots in Margaret River for whale watching from the beach

Watching humpback whales breaching and smashing in the ocean is an incredible experience, but the whale watching cruises can be quite expensive. What if I told you that you could have an incredible cetacean encounter without spending a cent? Thats right, completely free. In Western Australia we are blessed with great weather, stunning scenery and some of the best...

11 fun, exciting and challenging games to play at camp when bad weather interupts your plans. Turn rainy days into educational expeditions with these tips #campingtips #campinghacks #westernaustralia #games #toddlers #kids #familyouting #familytravel

How To Keep The Kids Entertained When You’re Camping In The Rain

Going camping is all about immersing yourself in the elements. The sun, the sea, wandering through the forest and sleeping under the stars. But how do you keep the family entertained when you really are stuck out in the elements? Our last road trip took ran slightly off course when we headed into a huge rainstorm on our third night. We had planned to stay two nights...

A Landscape Transformed - Wooleen Station after the rains: Over the course of one weekend in mid April the landscape of the Murchison Region was entirely transformed. From dry to filled river and lake in just 2 days #murchisonregion #murchisonriver #wooleenstation #river #lake #ephemeral

A Landscape Transformed – Wooleen Station after a storm

Over the course of one weekend in mid April the landscape of the Murchison Region was entirely transformed. After a long five months with no rain, there was a buzz in the air and sense of excitement amongst pastoralists at the possibility of some precipitation on the horizon. We arrived at Wooleen Station on the Friday morning. After checking in at the homestead and...

The Incredible Colourful Waterways of Western Australia - these realy have to be seen to be believed! From sky blue to petal pink, rusty orange to emerald green, you will be astonished by the variety of vibrant watery landscapes in Western Australia #bluelake #pinklake #stocktonlake #huttlagoon #westernaustralia #collie #lakeclifton #thrombolites #stromatolites #lakeballard

The Colourful Waterways of Western Australia

What do you think of when you imagine Western Australia? I must admit that before I moved Down Under I always pictured Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroos when I pictured Australia. The eastern states may get most of the fame but believe me, Western Australia is the real jewel in the crown of this great southern land. Here is what you...