The Incredible Colourful Waterways of Western Australia - these realy have to be seen to be believed! From sky blue to petal pink, rusty orange to emerald green, you will be astonished by the variety of vibrant watery landscapes in Western Australia #bluelake #pinklake #stocktonlake #huttlagoon #westernaustralia #collie #lakeclifton #thrombolites #stromatolites #lakeballard

The Colourful Waterways of Western Australia

What do you think of when you imagine Western Australia? I must admit that before I moved Down Under I always pictured Uluru, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef and Kangaroos when I pictured Australia. The eastern states may get most of the fame but believe me, Western Australia is the real jewel…

Gallery: Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory

Hutt Lagoon in springtime is hands-down one of the most incredible scenes on earth. With a mass of tiny yellow and pink flowers framing the pink waters of the lagoon, it looks more like movie set than real life. We stopped for only an hour on our drive from Kalbarri to see the wildflowers of…

Hiking Kalbarri Gorges – The Loop Trail

Mums Big Hike along The Loop Tail A passage over the ripples of an ancient ocean, sands deposited almost half a billion years ago, and even footprints marking the first venture of creatures onto land from the sea…Taking a hike deep into the gorges of Kalbarri National Park takes you on a journey through time….

Kalbarri Coastal Walks

Sometimes despite the best planning and research, a hike doesn’t turn out the way you imagined, with factors like weather, road closures and toddler temperaments all out of our control. This can be seen either as a curse or a blessing, We chose to optimistically view it as the latter on our most recent trip…