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A fun family day out - taking a hike to the summit of Mount Frankland, enjoying the Wilderness Lookout and devouring lunch at the Towermans Hut picnic area

Hiking Mount Frankland, Walpole

The Walpole Wilderness might just be the perfect place for a camping holiday. With seemingly endless white sand beaches and enough hike trails to keep you busy for weeks, this region is on the bucket list of every outdoor enthusiast – and if it isn’t, it should be! The shaded Southern Forests offer a welcome retreat from the hot Australian sun, as well as a...

Southern Lights and Living Fossils at Lake Clifton

What do the Southern Lights and rare, living fossils have in common? They can both be seen from Lake Clifton, one of the featured hikes on the Trails WA website. I stumbled across the website one morning and spent an hour or so exploring the map, finding all sorts of trails not too far from our home in Mandurah. Maddie has never been a fan of the car so Jed and I...

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