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The Milky Way appears in purple twilight sky above still lake

Astrophotography for Beginners

If you’ve ever gazed into the night sky and watched the stars and planets in awe, perhaps you’ve dreamt about taking a photograph as a keepsake. Below I have written a simple beginners’ guide to astrophotography to help capture your own marvellous Milky Way images. Let me start by stating that I am just a hobby photographer and am still learning. My images are not...

Lighthouse under the Milky Way on a starry night

5 of the Best spots for Stargazing in Western Australia

Wave Rock, Hyden Just outside the town of Hyden in the Wheatbelt 330km from Perth, 3hr 40m drive Wave Rock is a granite cliff, eroded over millions of years into the shape of a perfect wave. The vibrant colourful streaks caused by rainwater running over its surface give Wave Rock a striking appearance. The area is a popular spot for camping and hiking, and is a great...

5 Tips for flying Extra Long Haul with a baby

Lessons learned after flying 17 hours non-stop with a 16 month old Our daughter is a fun, active, lively little ball of energy. We work at tiring her out every day so she will sleep at a reasonable time. I am a firm believer that the future of all our world’s energy needs could be secured if we could just find a way to harness toddler power. I cannot think of...

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