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Suzy’s Previously Published Work

Hey, you look familiar! I think I’ve seen your face around here before. Or maybe you’ve just read some of my previously published work. Read on to view a selection of a articles I’ve written, or click the button below to scroll through my photography work instead

Peel Bright Minds Science Cafe

An informal evening lecture by two prominent WA scientists; Phoebe Spencer, a PhD candidate from UWA who is studying growth rates of children in East Timor; and Dr Gail Alvares, Adjunct Research Fellow at the UWA Centre of Child Health Research, an expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder. For more click here.

Young blond lady sits on a chair on a small stage giving a talk while the audience sits in a semi-circle listening

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council

A win for farmers and for waterways; getting stuck in to soil testing and chemistry. Challenging the traditional farming methods and conventional thinking when it comes to fertilising crops, this broad soil testing study reveals some surprising truths about the agricultural land of southwest Western Australia and some promising techniques to ensure abundant yield as well as a healthy ecosystem. To continue reading click here.

Four small gladdest beakers lined up on a table with different colour blue liquid inside

Leilani Estates Volcanic Eruption of 2018 – The Naked Scientists

In April of 2018 the quiet tropical suburb of Leilani on The Big Island of Hawaii was subject to a series of earthquakes which increased in intensity day by day. Smoke could be seen eminating from the growing cracks in tarmac and just a few hours small smatterings of lava turned into ginormous lava fountains. Kilauea volcano had just formed a new volcanic vent – right in the backyards of Leilani. Read more here.

Mandurah and the Peel Region Visitor Guide 2018

For the 2018 Mandurah Visitor Guide I was asked to contribute some of my favourite family hiking trails as well as photos throughout. Mandurah has been my home time and I absolutely LOVE IT!

Suzy Jones

Mumma to two crazy energetic young ladies Maddie and Lettie, and a an equally adventurous husband Jed. Exploring Australia living on the road is the best way to live! Why not come along for the ride

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