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We love travelling with our daughter taking her on hikes and camp trips.

We want to share some Tips and Tricks to help everyone to enjoy the great outdoors as much as we do.

From flying extra long haul, to multi-day hikes and remote camping trips. We hope you will find some information here to help you prepare to take your young children out on family adventures, and give you confidence to keep exploring.

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Hikers watching for whales out to sea

7 of the best spots in Margaret River for whale watching from the beach

Watching humpback whales breaching and smashing in the ocean is an incredible experience, but the whale watching cruises can be quite expensive. What if I told you that you could have an incredible cetacean encounter without spending a cent? Thats right, completely free. In Western Australia we are blessed with great weather, stunning scenery and some of the best...

Sweet, chewy Anzac Cookies cooked on a barbeque or campfire - the perfect campsite snack to please the whole family. A quick and easy traditional snack #camping #campfirecooking #campdinner #easy dinner #barbequerecipe #recipe #camprecipe #cookie #anzaccookie

Campsite Recipe: Rich and Delicious Anzac Biscuit

We are always on the lookout for new snacks to have while camping. Our campfire pizza recipe has become our go-to yummy warm dinner on cooler nights. These soft and chewy Anzac biscuit are so easy to make and so delicious you’ll wonder why you never tried this before! Not only will they give a boost of energy on any day in camp or along a hike, but they are...

11 fun, exciting and challenging games to play at camp when bad weather interupts your plans. Turn rainy days into educational expeditions with these tips #campingtips #campinghacks #westernaustralia #games #toddlers #kids #familyouting #familytravel

How To Keep The Kids Entertained When You’re Camping In The Rain

Going camping is all about immersing yourself in the elements. The sun, the sea, wandering through the forest and sleeping under the stars. But how do you keep the family entertained when you really are stuck out in the elements? Our last road trip took ran slightly off course when we headed into a huge rainstorm on our third night. We had planned to stay two nights...

Snakes of Western Australia: How to keep yourself and your family safe

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to our region or country, the word “snake” is enough to strike fear into many people, especially as we head into the summer months. For overseas visitors or new migrants, all the stories about Australia’s deadly animals can be overwhelming (dropbears aside!) but snakes are truly one animal which need to be treated with...

The Milky Way appears in purple twilight sky above still lake

Astrophotography for Beginners

If you’ve ever gazed into the night sky and watched the stars and planets in awe, perhaps you’ve dreamt about taking a photograph as a keepsake. Below I have written a simple beginners’ guide to astrophotography to help capture your own marvellous Milky Way images. Let me start by stating that I am just a hobby photographer and am still learning. My images are not...

Campfire Pizza - what better way to end the a fun day at the campsite than with fresh, homemade camp oven pizza #campfire #camping #dinner #campoven #dutchoven #pizza

Campfire Pizza

What better way to end a fun day in the great outdoors than with a delicious and easy campfire Pizza? Who doesn’t love pizza? A savoury delight so versatile it can accommodate just about any combination of flavours. Your base can be thick and doughy or thin and crispy. You may want to splash out on your favourite ingredients or just use up whatever is laying around...

5 Tips for flying Extra Long Haul with a baby

Lessons learned after flying 17 hours non-stop with a 16 month old Our daughter is a fun, active, lively little ball of energy. We work at tiring her out every day so she will sleep at a reasonable time. I am a firm believer that the future of all our world’s energy needs could be secured if we could just find a way to harness toddler power. I cannot think of...