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Little Jones Photography

I am a deeply sentimental person and photography is my way to capture a moment or a feeling and keep it with me forever, When I photography a landscape, I want to recreate the beauty and the light that I see. If taking snapshot of my girls, it is their joy and sparkle that I want to immortalise. It made sense to turn this passion into a business to fund our big trip around Aus and now I want to capture that joy for you too.

So what kind of photography do I do?

Family Photography Packages

I am guilt of taking 1000’s of photos of my own gorgeous girls when they were young, but having some high quality family photographs is also special. Join me on the beach or the iconic red rocky landscape of the Pilbara and I will capture for you a gallery of images to cherish forever.

Holiday Photography packages.

I love looking back at our holiday photos. Looking back through these images I can often tell you how I felt, why we were there and where we were going. But I have almost no photos of our family together. This gave me the idea to offer Holiday Packages along our travels. Although I have not finalised my packages yet my plan is to join you for an hour or so at your campsite, on the beach, or any place you feel comfortable, and collect a gallery of images to immortalise to treasure for years to come.

Travel Photography

I have been sharing my images with tourism organisations for the past 5 years. I am privileged to be able to use my skills to capture what it is I love about WA; the vast landscapes, colours, big sky and perennially interesting wildlife.

To view my previously published travel photography click the link below…

In addition to photography I also create written work for travel and science publications. In 2019 I was awarded Peel Bright Minds Science Communicator of the Year. For examples of published articles click below.