Suzy selfie taking from the work boat with the Ramform Challenger vessel in the background. Aug/Sept 2011, Greenland

Hi, I’m Suzy and I write most of the blogs for Keeping Up With Little Joneses. I grew up in a little town called Shoreham By Sea in southeast England. From as young as I could remember I wanted to adventure and understand the world. I have always been fascinated with our Earth and the processes that shape the planet. I studied geology at university and got a job on seismic vessels as a Geophysicist. This job sent me all over the world, from West Africa to Greenland, the Mediterranean and South America. I loved the adventure but something was drawing me to the sunburnt land down under. I packed in my job and emigrated to Australia in 2012 and haven’t looked back.

Only a few weeks after arriving in Perth, Western Australia, I landed my first job on an offshore oilrig called the Stena Clyde and that’s where I met the lovable rouge Jed Jones.



Jed on the Bibbulmun Track

I’m Jed, husband, father and outdoor enthusiast. Growing up in a sleepy fishing village in the mid-north coast of New South Wales I spend my childhood surfing, fishing, camping and being an outdoor kid. In my early twenties I decided to escape my little town, packed up everything I owned and headed out west. I landed in Exmouth, Western Australia, and worked several jobs and spending my free time diving the Ningaloo Reef and exploring the Cape Range National Park. I found work on an offshore oil rig, a job I have enjoyed ever since.

After meeting Suzy, and discovering our shared interest in exploring, we started exploring in earnest, discovering everything WA has to offer.

I create most of the video content for Keeping Up With Little Joneses. Im the tech-head and gear-nerd of the two of us.

The Joneses

We met in 2012 somewhere in the middle of the Bass Straight in-between Victoria and Tasmania. It was love at first date. We moved in together pretty much straight away and we have been adventuring ever since.

We married in December 2015 in Harvey, Western Australia and welcomed our first baby, a little girl called Maddie, in early 2017.

We live very happily together in Mandurah, Western Australia with our cat Musky and two cheeky rabbits Rocket and Rascal.

We were determined to try and keep the adventure going when we had a baby and although we have had to make some changes and adapt our style, we think we’re doing OK. And Maddie seems to like being outdoors too.

Suzy and Jed giving Maddie a big kiss after a very successful first hike with the Osprey Poco AG Premium pack